This Research Summer School aims to bring together young astronomers from a diverse range of fields relevant to the study of satellite dynamics and space missions. The design of new space missions and their use in developing a greater understanding of the dynamical behaviour of Solar System bodies is one of the most active, essential and exciting fields of astrodynamics. Space missions, both human and robotic, gather data and observations that enable new breakthroughs in our understanding of the origin, evolution and future of our solar system and Earth's place within it. Research into our Solar System also provides insight into the study of exoplanets and the evolution of other planetary systems in the universe.
Topic highlights include: Satellite and Space mission dynamics, Celestial Mechanics, Space-craft navigation, Space exploration applications, Artificial satellites, Space debris, Minor bodies, Tidal evolution.

The list of abstracts is available here

Double rooms cost 75.00 Euros per person and single rooms cost 89.00 Euros per person; they include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The prices are valid also for accompanying persons.

Visit also the web page of the CELMEC VII meeting taking place the week after the school, 3-9 September 2017, also at San Martino al Cimino (VT), Italy.