TOPIC: on the occasion of the special year of emphasis on the Mathematics of Planet Earth, a prize will be awarded to the best original research work aimed at the safeguard of our planet from space threatens.

The prize is devoted to the most innovative theoretical and/or numerical method for the solution of problems related to the investigation of the dynamics of planet Earth and related celestial bodies, like the Moon, NEOs, artificial satellites and space debris. Topics might include special normal forms, study of resonances, chaos indicators, stability results, models of orbital or rotational dynamics, etc.

The prize will be awarded under the auspices of the Gruppo Nazionale di Fisica Matematica / INdAM and Societa' Italiana di Meccanica Celeste e Astrodinamica (SIMCA).

APPLICATION: the prize is awarded on the basis of an original paper published during the past 2 years (namely after 1/1/2011) or deposited on ARXIV or MP-ARC. The applicant is required to send a copy of the paper together with a short summary (maximum 2 pages) in PDF format, including the following paragraphs: - Introduction with the description of the methods and of the main results - Description of the work - Results - Conclusions - A short bibliography. The applicant should send a short CV (max 5 pages) in PDF format, including the list of the main publications.

REQUIREMENTS: Multiple authors (up to 3) of the work are accepted. The applicant, or at least one of the authors, is required to participate to CELMEC. No other specific requirements are needed; in particular, there are no limitations on the age of the applicant.

SELECTION: a special committee formed by 3 distinguished scientists will select the best work; the prize ceremony is held during the CELMEC meeting.

DEADLINE: 30 April 2013, at midnight (Italian time).