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The heart of the city

Map of the city center

The portion of Belgrade most relevant for the tourist is enclosed between the outer walls of the Kalemegdan  fortress and the Republic Square ; an area with a diameter of about 1300 meters. Thus most of the main touristic targets are within walking distance from each other. Traffic in Belgrade is quite heavy, and the public transportation system has at the moment a somewhat reduced efficiency, probably because of the difficulties in finding spare parts for the obsolescent buses. For these reasons you should try to plan your visit in such a way that your legs are the essential tool.

To find lively parts of the city, at least in the summer evenings, you need only to walk along the pedestrian road Kneza Mihaila , may be straying on the side alleys looking for cafes, pubs and clubs, until you reach the Republic Square , and then proceed to Skadarlija . During the day, the animated area is somewhat larger, extending on one side to the Kalemegdan park, and on the other side to Terazije , Mose Pijade   and the first part of Boulevar revolucije  . All these streets and squares still have the same name, while the toponomastic of the city has significantly changed in other cases, as a result of the dissolution of the communist regime and of the Yugoslav federation.

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