Curriculum Vitae of Fabrizio Bernardi


Personal data:

* Civil status: married 
* Nationality: Italian 
* Date of birth:
9 april 1972 
* Birthplace: Pomezia (Roma), Italy 
* Place of residence: Pisa (PI), Italy 


  • 1991 High School Diploma, Feltre, (Belluno
  • 1999 September,  Degree in Astronomy with marks 110/110 at the University of Padova 
  • Title of the Thesis: Studi di asteroidi con la Wide Angle Camera di Rosetta
  • 1999 November: Fellowship of the Foundation "Ing. A. Gini
  • 2000 April: Start of a PhD program in Astronomy at the University of "Tor Vergata", Roma. 
  • 29 May-2 June 2000: Attendance at the "Scuola Nazionale di Astrofisica", Mondello (PA), about "Astrophysical plasmas, Novae and Supernovae
  • 21-25 May 2001: Attendance at the "Scuola Nazionale di Astrofisica", Sirolo (AN), about "Solar system minor bodies and structure, evolution and variability of stars" 
  • 10 April 2003 PhD in Astronomy: The CINEOS Project: Discoveries of Near Earth Objects

Professional experiences:

  • 1-4 June 1999 Attendance at the Meeting "IMPACT" in Torino (Italy
  • August/september 2000 Stage at ESTEC-ESA about Image simulations of the environment of the inner coma of Wirtanen during the Rosetta Mission 
  • October 2001: First Asteroid discovered.
  • 1 July 2003 Post Doc Position at the University of Hawaii. Supervisor D. J. Tholen
  • 19 Jun. 2004 Discovery of Apophis.
  • Dec. 2004 Discovery of the IEO 2004 XZ130.
  • 1 Sep. 2008 Position as "Ricercatore a tempo determinato" at the IASF-INAF of Rome, working at the Dep. of Mathematics of the University of Pisa.


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Phone: +39 050 221 3254 

Address: Fabrizio Bernardi, Via di Gello, 60 Av. 2, Pisa (PI), 56123, Italy